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Meet Eric


Since 2000, Eric has been on a path of personal development to better know his self and understand his purpose in life. He believes that we all have this creative power deep inside that when expressed can bring so much to our society. This quest has had its ups and downs and he did not waver from his inner desire to be of service to others. Always following his passions, he has been in business for himself since 2008 and rapidly recognized that employees and entrepreneurs do not think the same way. Trained in some of the world leading mind-body tools, Eric is now focused on his passion of helping entrepreneurs avoid the same mistakes that he made, thus allowing his experience and expertise as a Master N.L.P. Practitioner and Coach, to compress time so they can achieve successful in less time.

About Just Be

Just BE, is the birth child of Eric Baudouy’s life experience of soul searching and personal & professional development. Never leaving any rock unturned to find answers; he was left with more unanswered questions. After many years of searching he finally realized that all this Doingness actually had him going round in circles and always ended up in the same place he started. The answer that kept eluding him was always there, with in him. Being busy doing busy, leaves room to only look without. Only when you stop, can you look within.


Mission: To improve people’s quality of life by teaching them to turn their focus inwards to feel the power of self knowledge and awareness so they can “Just BE”.



Shifting the entrepreneurial mindset
Accelerated Growth Program
Entrepreneurial Success Consulting

Shifting the Entrepreneurial Mindset

There are 3 key elements that are needed to be successful and they all have one thing in common, YOU. Not your competition, not the economy and certainly not the Tax man.


What you’ll walk away with….


  • The 3 key elements for success in life and business.

  • Know your Values and how they drive your behaviors

  • Sharpen you Focus for faster results



IF you want your business to grow, YOU MUST GROW

Accelerated Growth Program

A 90 day program offering you concrete results in your life and in your business. Come experience the power of advance awareness so you can take action to overcome the excuses of why you don’t have what you want in your life and your business


What you’ll walk away with….


  • Information on Key N.L.P. concepts for success in all aspects of your life and business

  • Insight on how to integrate these concepts delivering you predictable results in 3 months

  • Inspiration to maximize your State, overcome your Story and take Strategic action for Success



IF you want your business to grow, YOU MUST GROW

Entrepreneurial Success Consulting

Private consulting addressing all your needs allowing you to take specific action in your life and business delivering predictable results.


  • Would you like guidance to compress time and get immediate results?

  • Are you searching and have yet to finding THE answer?

  • Need a map to know how to get where you’re going?



That’s exactly what you’ll get when working with Eric with his custom
One – to – One private Success Consulting.

Is this for you                     



check-mark  Are you self employed or own a small business


check-mark  Are you an employee with a sideline business


check-mark  Are you a seasoned entrepreneur that’s hit the Glass ceiling


If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is for you.

For you business to grow, you must grow



E2E Mindset Mastery:
Shifting the Thought Process for Entrepreneurs


  • 2 hr introductory talk on what it takes to maximize you true potential by shifting your mindset for success.

Accelerated Growth Program 

(A.G.P. 30-60-90)



  • A 3 month program to literally fast forward your personal development so that you and your business can grow.


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